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Before The Move...

Before The Move...

Before The Move...

Before The Move...

And After... Home Sweet Home

Our Services

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Stage I


Our first meeting is complimentary.  We want to get to know you, and understand your needs. From there we plan and prepare. We will work up a proposal/estimate for our services based on our meeting and your needs.

We will recommend and reach out to preferred vendors, such as, moving companies, consignment stores, estate sales, and non-profit organizations that will work with us to help expedite your moving experience.

SD4U will communicate with family members throughout the entire moving process.

Stage II


We will assist each client with all aspects of downsizing. Separate items for donation, sale, consignment, storage, new home, new buyer or items for disposal. SD4U will provide a color coded system to identify each category along with a detailed inventory list. 

We will suggest and coordinate services of consignment company(s) and/or estate sales company(s) to consign/sell items that have been approved by client for sale. We will reach out to multiple vendors and provide each of them with a detailed list of items for sale. We can/will arrange for transportation to consignment stores and we will continue to follow up with them in regards to your item(s) status. Via: Phone calls/emails until all items are sold/donated.

SD4U will arrange for donation pick-up/drop-off. Proper receipts will be provided for tax purposes. In addition, we will coordinate and work in conjunction with a moving company and complete a floor plan of the new home using proper measurements which are to scale. 

Stage III

Packing Services:

Professional packing by the SD4U team to include, but not limited to all kitchen items, bathroom items, figurines/collectibles; books, smaller picture frames, linens, clothing, office items, etc. Boxing and packing Supplies are provided by SD4U at no additional cost. 

We will provide a detailed inventory of everything that we have boxed, along with pictures. Boxes will be numbered and labeled accordingly. 

Stage IV

Move Day:

SD4U will be on site, working with the moving company and ensuring that all items are accounted for and loaded onto the truck. We will arrive at your new home, oversee movers with the unload process and furniture placement. Begin to unpack boxes

Stage V

Settling In:

SD4U will unpack all boxes; place items away in their appropriate areas

ie: line shelves in kitchen and put dishes/glasses, etc. away, clothes hung, make bed, hang pictures, art work, and decorate.

We will break down and remove all boxes and materials associated with your move. 

Stage VI

After the Move:

SD4U can be available to tie up any loose ends.

Change of address complete; consignment of items settled, document shredding, transfer/disconnect utilites and pther services.

Recommend cleaning services.


"The only impossible journey is the one you never begin"

Anthony Robbins

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